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Fix the bug

Please fix the error. You can only type one number in at a time instead of being able to type in the price of fuel, mileage or gallons all at once. It backs you out after every number.

No way to full edit

I use to love this app until I made a mistake entering my mileage. No way to edit it and now it thinks it's my first fill up and I went one hundred thousand miles. (added an extra digit to my miles by mistake) Pretty stupid that you can't make changes or corrections. So if you use this app take your time and make no mistakes when you enter information.

Great App!!

Very well done guys, I'm a driver and I move around the country a lot using this wonderful app. I could say it's ready for a makeover (update). Perhaps a sync to desktop, a pie chart for fuel analysis and cost, new design structure, themes. etc etc. I love it though guys you have created the "BEST" app for everyday drivers and professionals drivers. Thank You!! (UPDATE, UPDATE)

Great little app

This app is simple as it says and very handy too. I love it!

Very simple and straight forward

I've been using this app since Oct of last year and really like how easy it is to input the info. I also like the statistics info at the bottom but I would like to be able to reset it say at the end of the year, so I can see if it vary's from year to year.

mpg program that you dont have to fill the tank

app is good allows for partial fill up which happens. but no place for notes and no graphs. I have a semi that holds 220 gallons and don't always fill up at $2.85/gallion but still want to keep track of mileage

App has potential... but it's not there yet!

The layout of data is simple and concise. The input is simple too. But... there's no way to edit any part of an entry once it's made. No way to add information for any other date except the day/time that you make your entry. No way to backup / save your data. There is no way to contact the developer (the internet link provided just takes you to the information page for the app). We'll keep watching to see if needed improvements are made. But it's not ready for prime time yet.

Hooray It works again!

This is a very handy and useful tracker for those people concerned with tracking the MPG of their vehicle.


Update works great. Number pad behaves normally now.

Horray, the keyboard works again :)

What a great, simple to use app. Once your done fueling 10-15 more seconds you have your info entered and saved and off you go. I love being able to quickly see my fuel cost and MPG averages. If I were to have a suggestion, I think it would be interesting to have an added 'averages' button that would show the averages split into months and the year. You can figure it out on your own thanks to the fact it records dates, but that would be my only thoughts on an already great app.

Best available for MPG tracking

I used several other similar mpg tracking apps before come across this one. I did not want to track anything but my cars fuel performance. I do not want oil change cost, repairing cost to interference with my gas mpgs. Because I just got a hybrids car. It's fuel performance is what I m interested most. And this app fits snagly into my needs. It is simple, no settings to mess around. I highly recommand this app to anyone interested in your cars MPGs. The new upgrade to version 1.2 enable me to modify. That's great. I do not have any problem with the version 1.2

Love this app, but problems with last update

The latest update screwed up this app. You can now only enter 1 number at a time. Can you please fix this.

Good for me but....

I like this app, but it has started acting up. I think it started after the last upgrade to the iPhone. It only let's you enter one number at a time, then the keyboard leaves and you have to reactivate it and type another number then lose keyboard the reactivate it, etc.

Boring, dry, & ugly colors!

I like the somewhat simplicity of use, but it needs more color so that it doesn't look like an accountants spreadsheet!! Also, it needs more settings so that you can chang the way it looks, etc. People like to customize their apps. to make it their own & make it unique. Lastly, since I know this is a mpg reader & not a game, you could still make something mundane & boring a little more fun & interresting right!? Also, it's a bit confusing when you enter in basic info. & then have to add zero's to get it to round up to gal. or price.

Great app

Love this simple app. Very easy to use. I keep my record on weekly basis. Thank you.

Excellent MPG tracking Tool

This is an excellent MPG tracking application I have ever used. it is a simple but powerful tool to keep tracking your gas usage. Highly recommended.

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